Kochie Does It Again – Here’s His Latest Contribution To Aussies

Koch also co-hosted another Seven Network production, Where Are They Now?, also with then-Sunrise co-host Melissa Doyle. Koch posed the question, “It’s [Boston] a very big Irish Catholic city, we’ve got Margaret Thatcher’s funeral coming up tomorrow in London. The petition now has over 106,000 signatures. A petition that calls for Koch to be sacked by Channel 7 has amassed over 92,000 signatures in 24 hours.

Koch has presented over 100 episodes of a weekly small business program on the Seven Network, Business Builders, which helps private business owners improve their business. He also hosts a show for small businesses, Kochie’s Business Builders, which airs on Sundays on the Seven Network.

Koch was nominated for a silver Logie in 2004 and 2005 for Best TV Presenter.

Koch has written several practical books on family and business financial management; he has also published a book of jokes compiled from his daily joke segment on TV. Koch commented that while agreeing with the right of mothers for public breastfeeding to do it discreetly is a common courtesy to others.

On 18 January 2013, Koch attracted criticism after he made comments about breastfeeding. Koch discussed the aftermath of the Boston blast with a panel.Koch said to Hanson that Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto “reads like One Nation immigration and Muslim policy”. Koch’s comments were condemned by media consultant Mia Freedman. The program is produced by Koch’s company Pinstripe Media.

The controversy arose after a response to a story about a Queensland mother breastfeeding at a public pool. As a former business owner and operator and now director of Pinstripe Media Pty Ltd, he speaks regularly at corporate events about small business, finance and investment issues.

David James Koch born 7 March 1956 nicknamed “Kochie” is an Australian television presenter best known as a host of the Seven Network’s breakfast program Sunrise. He was one of the founders of consumer finance journalism in Australia and created Personal Investment magazine, which made him the youngest editor in the Fairfax Media group.

In 2013, Koch launched KBB Digital, a digital marketing agency for small business which is an extension of the ‘Kochie’s Business Builders’ brand.+

Koch presents Seven Network’s Sunrise breakfast program on weekdays as co-host with Samantha Armytage. On 16 April 2013, Koch was criticised after suggesting that the Boston Marathon bombings could have an “Irish” link. He produced Britain’s first Rich List which started in Money Magazine which he had bought for Fairfax.

In 1988 he launched trade publishing group Australian Financial Press in a joint venture with Fairfax. e trained as an accountant, and started as a cadet on the business pages of The Australian newspaper before joining BRW magazine soon after its launch in the early 1980s.

Koch was born on 7 March 1956 in Adelaide, South Australia. Reader’s Digest listed him in the top 50 Most Trusted Australians. Koch was criticized by viewers for allegedly bullying Hanson and interrupting her answers to his questions.

He then launched Personal Investment magazines in New Zealand and the UK.The comment gained angry reactions, with threats that the Sunrise studio at Martin Place would be swamped by up to 800 angry breastfeeding mothers. There may be a conflict of interest in this recognition he received from Money Management newspaper given he set up the publication via his trade publishing group Australian Financial Press.

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Koch was frequently parodied on the television show Comedy Inc., played by Paul McCarthy. He was initially hired to replace Chris Reason who stepped down after a cancer diagnosis towards the end of 2002; however, his position later became permanent. Koch has been the current chairman of the Port Adelaide Football Club, an Australian Football League (AFL) club, since October 2012. From Adelaide, he began his media career as a financial journalist, writing for a number of different publications before eventually moving to television.

He and his original co-presenter, Melissa Doyle, hosted the program over a period that saw viewer ratings grow until Sunrise became the leading breakfast television show in Australia. The book was parodied in an episode of The Chaser’s War on Everything where reading jokes from “Kochie” was the only thing that got a laugh at a stand-up comedy club. He provides business and financial commentary for several publications, including Pacific Magazines, Yahoo Finance and the “Your Money” section of News Ltd newspapers.

Koch was a director of the NSW Small Business Development Corporation Ltd for eight years after its inception in 1996. AFP went on to create Business Magazine, New Accountant and Money Management magazines. Is it a really long stretch to think they could be related?” Immediately after his comments Sunrise viewers went on Twitter to complain about Koch’s question.

On 18 March 2019, Koch interviewed One Nation Leader Pauline Hanson on the Sunrise program. In a survey conducted by Money Management newspaper, his peers recognised him as one of the 10 most influential people of all time in the financial services industry.

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